New website goes live!

Hello, Internet traveler!

So, I've been working on this webite for a while. The old one wasn't really working all that well - this looks a lot better, right? Well, I do hope you like it!

The grand plan for this site is for it to function as a bit of a portfolio and showcase, I guess. I'll use it to show the things I make and have made in the past. Hopefully, to inspire you to make something yourself, or perhaps purchase something I made. That will surely make my day! 


I am very passionate about supporting small businesses and creators - not just because I am one myself, but also because I love the thought of the money I spend going to fund someone's lifelong dream that they are working hard to achieve! Better than padding the pockets of some corporation, right? In the long run, I think we will all benefit from supporting the creativity and innovation of the individual. ♥


Thanks a lot for your attention, I hope you are having a blast of a day!