Process: New Product + Packaging



Lately I've been working on a new jewelry idea. Outer space has always fascinated me, from the legends about the constellations to facts about particular planets and stars.

While rewatching Star Wars with Theo I had the thought to try and make little planets from clay, and now, a couple of weeks later, I think I have some pretty neat earrings and pendants that soon will be ready for the shop! 


FIMO clay comes in so many gorgeous colours, perfect for making mysterious and colourful planets. I've experimented a lot with colour combinations and techniques to make beautiful patterns - how do you think it went? :)

One of my favourite parts of making a new product, is the packaging design. It's such an interesting challenge to try and create somethings that both shows off the product and gives the customer a good experience. 
My goal is to give everyone who purchases any of my items a complete experience of quality and thoughtfulness - to really show how much care is put into the products and their creation!


Stay tuned to see the final results! Soon to be found in my shop :)

Thanks so much for having a look, hope you are having a lovely day!


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