Handcrafted jewelry and knitwear

By a Norwegian designer with a passion for creating and handmaking



2008 - 2018

A passion for the value of handcrafted adornment has driven these pieces into creation. Alongside a fascination for various techniques, the inner motivation of increasing my skill has guided me to handcrafting jewelry of varying intricacy and statement effect.

Please feel free to have a look, I hope you will like what you see!

2010 - 2018

The inherent possibility and beauty in yarn and fibres of all colours inspires me to knit and make my own patterns for my projects. My Babymittens became more popular than I had ever anticipated, which is why I have collected 12 lovely colour combinations and made a whole new batch of them!

Which is your favourite?

Furniture design & interior architecture
2012 - 2018

My desire to improve my skills at making useful things and developing good ideas lead me to study design.

Here you can see some of the projects I did, some solo and some in groups, from tiny scale to huge, and from furniture and spatial design to interior architecture.


Furniture Design & Interior Architecture

Following my passion for making useful and beautiful things, I have studied to earn a Master's Degree in Furniture and Spatial Design & Interior Architecture. These are enormously interesting subjects to me, and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of many innovative and inspiring projects. Have a look in this gallery to see some of them! 


Shop Handmade

If you want to support a small business the next time you shop for a gift or something special for yourself, please consider visiting Etsy.com! You can find all kinds of beautiful, thoughtfully crafted items there, and know that your money is going to a hard-working individual whose life-long dream you are funding with your purchase. <3

The link below takes you to my Etsy shop, where I hope you will find something you love! But fear not, if it's not for you, simply use the search bar at the top and start exploring the vast catalog of handmade goodness that is the Etsy marketplace.


About the designer

Vilde Vendelboe is my name, and for as long as I can remember I have loved making things.

Want to know more? It'll not be too lengthy a read, but hopefully interesting.


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